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We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.

Singles Workshop

Keeping the love you find in the workshop

This 2 day workshop is for individuals who are can’t seem to find lasting love and are curious to understand why and for those who are already in a committed partnership and want to explore a deeper understanding of themselves and their character structure and how they contribute to relational disconnection.

One of the most difficult truths about relationships for most of us to accept is that in order to be loved you must first become a lover. You must be willing to grow and change so that you can become a safe and healing partner. The crucial first step is to surrender to the process, to take courage in hand and to commit to self-change.

In this dynamic experiential workshop you will learn the Art of The Imago Dialogue which is  conscious, intentional  communication that clarifies, confirms, and develops appreciation, respect for, and acceptance of the inner worlds of others. Selected processes will provide guidance on how to reclaim your “essence” or best version of yourself without the old ineffective survival adaptations that sabotage relationships and disrupt emotional connection.

In order for change to occur, insight must be translated into action. Whatever is created by experience must be corrected by experience rather than mere analysis. In order to integrate our insights, we have to put ourselves in new situations and learn and practice new behaviors, which, over time and through repetition, actually change our past behavior and beliefs.

Join us on the Journey of change where you learn “At-one-ment” which is the natural outcome of recognizing, accepting, and owning all of ourselves.

Couples Workshop

Getting the Love You Want Workshop

“The Getting the Love you Want” workshop is a 2 day workshop for couples during which the following is facilitated.

We will explain the “hidden agenda” of a love relationship and help you collaborate with this agenda for the purpose of healing and growth. Instead of focusing entirely on surface frustrations, needs and longings, you will learn to recognize the unresolved childhood issues that underlie them and learn skills for re-solving conflict, whilst building on your emotional connection with each other.

When you look at marriage with this X-ray vision, your daily interactions will take on more meaning. Puzzling aspects of your relationship will begin to make sense to you, and you have a greater sense of agency and be equipped with tools to help you actualize the marriage of your dreams.

What you can expect from a workshop

This workshop will help you to discover what attracted you to your partner and why, it will provide an understanding of what lies beneath some of the conflicts that might emerge/have already emerged in your relationship, and how to use these as opportunities to become more connected and to re-ignite your love.

The workshop is designed to provide a safe and supportive space, while giving you as much privacy as you need. There will be a combination of theory, written processes, application of the Imago Dialogue with your partner and definitely a peppering of fun and downtime thrown in.


“Caring, understanding, compassionate and respectful. Michele was honest, warm, humorous and congruent. Her personal sharing was useful to me to help understand concepts.” – Anonymous

“Michele has a way of creating a space in which vulnerability and thus healing is enabled. Michele was excellent, empowering and a fountain of knowledge and wisdom.” – Anonymous

“Michele has an excellent ability to teach complex topics in a simple yet profound way.” – Anonymous

“Very useful workshop. Practical, informative and affirming. I’m very pleased that I attended. The workshop is definitely eye opening. It assisted me in understanding my role in the relationship with my husband – how my actions or lack thereof maybe causing hurt. That conscious awareness is helpful in bringing about positive change.” – Anonymous

“This workshop has definitely been worth the time spent attending and had a positive impact and start to resolving my relationship issues.” – Anonymous

“An amazing learning and growth opportunity that I think every couple should go on.” – Anonymous

“This was an enriching course for me – both personally and as an Imago
therapist. Michele was a knowledgeable, wise and graceful guide through the profound work of Imago. She generously shared knowledge and gently guided us to discover how this work can impact our lives.” – Anonymous


Michele Naude
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

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