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My primary training was as a Clinical Psychologist and I began private practice in 1996. I encountered Imago as a client in 2004, when I commenced therapy for my troubled marriage, and was struck by the intricate theory and practice and possibility for a different outcome. My curiousity was piqued and I became determined to learn more about how to navigate couples towards re-connection and healing as well as understanding my own contribution to my relationship dynamic. This led me to pursue training as an Imago Therapist, an Imago Workshop presenter (as I witnessed transformed relationships) and ultimately as a Clinical Instructor so I could contribute towards imparting the wisdom implicit in the simple yet profound art of Imago Therapy.

The Imago trainings are designed for therapists and facilitators to develop proficiency in the Imago approach so they can work with couples, individuals, families and organisations. The Imago Clinical Training or ICT (formerly Basic Clinical Training) will provide you with an overview of the theory, and essential skills for working with couples. Whether you are a new therapist, or a seasoned clinician, you will find this training to be of great benefit in your work with couples.

There are numerous Advanced Trainings to help you deepen your skills working with couples, and also for those who are interested in applying this work with individuals, groups, and parenting. Many clinicians choose to do the Advanced Training and become “Certified Advanced Clinicians”, and some go further to become Workshop Presenters. We are here to support you on this journey, wherever you choose to take it.

Take a look at the video below:

IMAGO Training Video

Imago Clinical Training (ICT)

Clinical Skills:

  • Learn to facilitate processes between partners that promotes safe communication, healing and growth
  • Specific Imago skills taught during training:
    • Initial Interview
    • Imago Dialogue
  • Learn to work with affective experience in contrast to cognitive material

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Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will obtain knowledge and understanding of relational development and arrest and survival adaptations in primary relationships.
  • Participants will obtain understanding of the concept of the imago and the role it plays in partner selection and subsequent stages of the relationship.

Professional Facilitator Training

Imago Professional Facilitator training is designed for those who wish to make use of Imago theories and techniques within the specialized context of their own profession. Focusing on the application of Imago processes in non-therapeutic contexts, this training prepares individuals to integrate Imago as both a method and a personal approach within their professional lives. The training is appropriate for a wide range of professionals, including:

• Lawyers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals
• Family advisors in legal and financial fields
• Ministers and clergymen of all faiths
• Professional divorce mediators
• Counselors – in nutrition, school, childhood development, and other areas
• Teachers


Marilet Kotze
Counseling Psychologist

“I completed my training with Michele Naudé in 2018 and I am currently under supervision before completing the qualification completely. Training with Michele was a formative event in my life. Not only was the training itself the most useful training I’ve ever done, Michele was a compassionate and academically brilliant guide on the path. Imago has become my preferred modality since being trained as it is more effective than anything else I have ever learned in dealing with couples. Without Michele it would have been so much murk. Thank you!”

Cape Town Trainee 2020

“Michele has an excellent ability to hold trainees and teach complex topics in a simple yet profound way.”

Carol Dixon
Counseling Psychologist

“Michele is a highly professional and experienced Clinical Psychologist, Imago Clinical Therapist, Workshop Presenter and Clinical Trainer.  She has served on the Imago Africa Board as Chair, and is currently on the Faculty of the Imago International Training Institute.

I have known and worked with Michele for over 16 years and have been consistently inspired by her clinical expertise and attuned capacity to support couples, individuals and trainees in their journey towards relational healing and growth.

Michele has the capacity for wide perspective and often notices things that may not always be visible to others. This unique capacity enables her to support clients to develop a greater awareness of themselves and others and build safety and connection in their relationships.  Michele’s non-judgemental, calm and intuitive approach creates an open and supportive therapeutic space allowing for exploration, growth and change.”


Michele Naude
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

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