This process is recommended for couples who desire to delve deeper into the experience of connection, repair a rupture in the relationship and learn how to journey from conflict to connection. The Couple will be coached on how to listen and speak differently so as to facilitate a deeper understanding of themselves and of their partner and find their way back to each other with passion and joy.

The 2 day Intensive :

·         Provides a safe place for couples to re-connect emotionally and to realise their Dream relationship

·         Empowers couples with tools, skills and principles that they can learn and use on their own

·          Helps normalize and make sense of conflict in the relationship and provides tools for resolving conflict

·         Teaches couples how to respect and honour differences.

·         Coaches couples on how to manage their own and their partners reactivity

·         Guides the couple in the art of giving and receiving Love

Cost: R14,500

Time: 9am-4pm over two consecutive days


Michele Naude
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

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