It takes courage to embark on the journey of self- reflection.  Therapy is an opportunity to understand who you are, what the factors are that have shaped and influenced you to be the person you are today, and why it is that you are at this particular point in your life. I see therapy as “meaning-making”. 

We can seldom control what happens in our life; in fact surrendering control is often part of the healing process. We can however seek out different and healthier choices on how to respond and adapt to challenging events. Therapy is touted as “the talking cure” and this certainly holds true. However being heard, understood, seen and validated by an empathic other is what facilitates a transformational experience. And this experience can then determine a different way of being in the world. Therapy gives you the opportunity to learn how to ask for what you need, how and when to set boundaries, how to celebrate your unique contribution to the world, and how you can heal from loss and grow into the best version of yourself. It all starts with understanding and self-awareness coupled with the willingness and commitment to change. The journey is one well worth embracing. 


Michele Naude
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

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