I see couples at various stages of their relational journey. Some couples are about to get married and want to start their marriage equipped with a deeper understanding of themselves and their partner and some couples want to take their relationship from good to great. For the most part I see couples who are locked into what is known as the “power struggle” stage of relationship and who are hurt and sometimes hopeless about the conflict ever ending. 

My work with couples is based on the tenets and foundations of Imago Relationship Therapy. My client in couple’s therapy is actually your relationship! Through this process you will come to understand how each of you contribute to the quality (in a positive and negative way) of the relationship and you will learn how to talk and listen in a new way that is honouring, validating and healing.  You will find that conflict is actually change trying to happen and that within each frustration in your relationship there is an opportunity for growth and healing. 

Couples therapy, as with any therapy, requires a willingness to self-reflect, a commitment to change, courage to lay down your weapons of war (criticism, reactivity, withdrawal) and for you to embrace curiosity, openness and vulnerability so you can heal from historical hurts and live into the relationship of your dreams. 


Michele Naude
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

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